Station 1

* Organized on September 8, 1962 by the consolidation of Pioneer and Reliance Fire Companies

* Located at 18 North East Avenue and Wood Street in Downtown Vineland

* From 1962 until 1998 Station 1 shared quarters with Station 6 at 4th and Wood Streets

* First due district covers eleven (11) square miles (Station 1 and 6 cover the same district)

* Twenty-four (24) active members

* Target Hazards: Downtown Business District, high rise buildings, apartment complexes and large industrial facilities

1952 - The City of
Vineland passed
an ordinance which
demanded theformation
of the City of Vineland Fire Department.

1962 - Plans were drawn up by John A Fletcher Associates for a new fire station to be located at Fourth and Wood Streets in the old Vineland Borough.

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